Healthy Habits You Shouldn’t Let Slide Over the Holidays

people having fun at holiday partyThe holidays are a fun and busy time. Between parties, family get togethers, gift shopping, and decorating, it can be really easy to skip and ignore all the healthy habits you’ve kept up throughout the year.


Holiday treats (sugar cookies and candies, we’re looking at you) can bathe your teeth in sugar. No matter how late you get home from holiday parties or how much in a hurry you are to get the kids to bed, make sure everyone brushes their teeth (teach your kids to brush well using these tips). Brushing removes small particles of food that can get lodged in your teeth and cause tooth decay. Don’t rush; you should brush for about two minutes. Use an alarm on your phone or timer to make sure you brush thoroughly (and use these tips for healthy brushing habits).

Healthy Eating

Office holiday parties and family gatherings are full of temptations. How do you resist all those holiday goodies? Do your best, and use holiday eating habits when you’re not facing trays full of treats. Stay hydrated during the day and at parties; drinking water after eating can wash away food particles and sugar that can cause tooth decay (just one of many benefits of drinking enough water). Avoid soda, which can cause cavities (if you do enjoy a soda, use a straw and drink water after). Eat healthy meals as much as possible. At gatherings, don’t just mindlessly eat; track what you eat and how much so you can avoid overeating this holiday season.


Flossing may be the last thing on your mind this holiday season, but it’s truly the gift that keeps giving. It doesn’t matter if you floss before or after you brush; what matters is that you keep flossing.


While you might not be able to keep up your regular exercise routine over the holidays, don’t abandon it either. Stick to your exercise routine as much as possible. If the cold weather is an interruption, head indoors to your treadmill or local gym so you can still reap the benefits of a strong exercise routine (and burn off some of those holiday treats).

Doctor & Dentist Appointments

As busy as your holiday schedule gets, keep your holidays merry (and bad news free) by making and keeping your doctor and dentist appointments. Schedule your doctor and dentist appointments well in advance to ensure you can get an appointment. After a busy holiday season, make an appointment to get an after-holiday teeth cleaning (if it is around your scheduled time). At the very least, you should schedule biannual teeth cleanings and an annual physical to make sure you keep your body and teeth healthy.