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7 Ways to Get Your Kids (and Yourself) Ready for School

back-to-school photo of girls walking to school with backpacksIt’s so close, you can almost hear it: school bells, the buses going to and from school, the sound of foot steps of students in the hallway.  The start of school is in sight, and so is the challenge of transitioning your kids back into the school routine.  The good news is that you still have time to take the steps needed to make your back-to-school a smooth and easy process for you and your kids (because we all know that if it’s easier for your kids, it’s easier for you!).

Establish a schedule.

Even though your kids may not need to leave the house for school, start to get your kids up at the time they need to get up to go back to school.  If they haven’t already this summer, have them do all the things they need to do on a normal school morning: eat breakfast, get on new clothes, floss and brush their teeth, etc.  Adjust bed times accordingly as well; usually kids need approximately 10 hours of sleep per night.

Go back to school shopping.

Gear up for the new school year.  Buy backpacks, notebooks, and all the other back-to-school gear your kids need for the year.  Try to involve them in the process; though you may not always be able to get them their favorite backpack or huge box of crayons, it helps to get their input into their school year.

Schedule dentist and doctor appointments.

Call for a doctor appointments. Schedule a dentist appointment. Set up eye doctor appointments.  If you can, get in the necessary appointments to make sure you can fill out school forms and make sure your kids are ready physically for the school year.

Organize your home.

Get your mudroom/entryway ready for the influx of back-to-school gear.  Clear out clothes that don’t fit.  Purge last year’s calendars and newsletters so your command center is ready for the new school year electronic and paperwork.

Visit their school and classrooms.

Take your kids with you to see their classrooms for the year.  Help them map out their route for the day.  If they have a locker, teach them how to open the lock and stow their gear.

Make plans for before and after school.

Locate before and after school care for your kids and let them know what you have lined up so they know where to go and what to do.  If your kids are young, make sure all the necessary staff are aware of pick-up and drop-off schedules so your kids are on the right bus or going home with the right person.

Have everything ready the night before.

Try your best to have clothes, back-to-school gear, and everything for the school day (including your car keys) ready the night before.  This makes the morning of your first day of school (and every day after) smooth so you and your kids can get out the door to school.