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Bad Breath Be Gone: (At Home) Ways to Freshen Your Breath

A young man holds or pinches his nose shut because of bad breathBad breath can leave you feeling self-conscious and anxious. It’s also a condition tied to your oral care, which means the efforts to ward off bad breath can lead to a healthier mouth your dentist can appreciate at your next dentist appointment.

Brush, brush, brush.

One of the main causes of bad breath is bacteria, which can get caught in built-up plaque and food debris. If you want to get rid of the bacteria and the bad breath, brush at least twice a day (and avoid these mistakes when you brush your teeth). Bacteria can build up on your tongue in a coating, so make sure you include it in your daily brushing; if you can’t reach it with your brush, use a tongue scraper.

There is a note of caution: make sure you don’t overdo your brushing. Too much brushing or brushing too hard can wear down your teeth enamel.

Use a mouthwash.

A mouthwash with fluoride can strengthen your teeth AND can wash away bacteria that causes bad breath. Choose your mouthwash carefully; you want a mouthwash that removes the bacteria that causes bad breath, not just covers it up.

Avoid the causes of bad breath.

To keep your breath fresh, avoid foods that cause bad breath. You know the foods we’re talking about: tuna, garlic, onions, coffee, spicy foods, etc. If you do indulge in a treat that causes bad breath, brush as soon as possible and rinse out your mouth.

 Don’t let your mouth go dry.

You’re more likely to have bad breath if your mouth does not have enough saliva. Saliva naturally removes plaque and keeps bad breath at bay. If you have dry mouth, drink water and chew gum to stimulate saliva.

Stop smoking and chewing.

Tobacco not only stains your teeth and causes gum disease; it’s also one of the chief causes of bad breath. The simplest way to avoid the bad breath caused by tobacco is to quit. Use these tips to help you quit your tobacco habit, and get rid of smoker’s breath. If you’re not ready to quit, drink a glass of water after each cigarette and use brushing, mouthwash, and gum so people can’t smell the tobacco on your breath.

Curb your gum disease.

Bacteria from gum disease can cause bad breath, making this common dental condition the enemy. Take extra steps at home to care for your gums, and schedule a dentist appointment to develop a treatment plan that can address the disease. Between you and your dentist’s efforts, you can treat your gum disease and duck any of the negative reactions to your bad breath.