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Why should I take care of my teeth? Link between Oral & Overall Health

dentist visit checking oral health and overall healthWhy should I brush my teeth? Floss? Visit the dentist? When our lives get hectic, or when the bills start accumulating, these daily tasks can seem like a pain. Taking the time to floss is just one more thing you don’t have time to do, much less take the time to visit the dentist.

And yet it seems like new studies are coming out every day linking poor oral health to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. With your mouth being the gateway to your body, it’s no wonder that bacteria gain entrance to your body orally. What is surprising is that poor oral health can create a climate ripe for bacteria to enter and cause problems in other parts of your body. And that same cause-and-effect also works in reverse: your dentist can tell if you have conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure by simply looking in your mouth.

So how can you maintain good oral health? Use these general guidelines:

Teach your kids to brush and floss early so they can establish a solid brushing and flossing routine and maintain good oral health. Find tips on how to teach your kids, and make it fun and enjoyable, in our recent blog post. Don’t forget to take those tips for good oral health to heart. Scheduling a regular visit with your dentist can be the difference between good and poor oral health—and the overall health of your entire body.