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10 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

Cute  boy in blue water of the swimming pool, enjoying summer before the end of summerWe can hear the crying and sobbing even before we break the news (especially from the kids!): the end of summer is in sight.  Before you think we’re proclaiming that the proverbial sky is falling, check out social media; the graphics about the beginning of winter are already popping up—and so are the reminders that Labor Day weekend (the unofficial end of summer) are coming fast.

While we all can’t stop time, we can give you ideas for your “end of summer bucket list”—-ways you can enjoy our Wisconsin summer before it’s too late to wear your favorite swimsuit.

Take a day trip.

This is the perfect remedy for a busy summer.  Plan a day trip to a popular destination, like an amusement park, water park, or a quiet hike.  It’s the perfect way to get refreshed and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

See a parade.

Very few summer events bring on the awe and emotions like a summer parade.  Even though the 4th of July is over, there are still local parades to take in at fireman’s picnics, festivals, and other summer events—and to give you memories you can cherish until next summer’s parade season.

Take in a night of fireworks.

You won’t find many fireworks once the snow starts flying; now is the time to enjoy a night under the stars with those entertaining colors and booms.

Enjoy a fire.

S’mores. A quiet night by the campfire.  A bonfire with friends.  Seize the day—or in this case—the summer night relaxing in front of a good fire.

Go swimming.

The pools won’t be open much longer; this is your chance to jump in and head home—without bundling up!

Go to a fair.

Cotton candy, rides, animals, funnel cakes…there are so many smells, tastes, and sounds to take in at a Wisconsin fair.  If you missed your local county fair, there are still fairs around the state to head to for a fun weekend.

Catch a baseball game.

Now that we’ve got that old familiar tune sung in your head (take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd…), it’s time to google your favorite major, minor, or even little league team schedule.  The cracker jacks and peanuts never seem as good as during an old-fashioned summer ball game.

Get all your dentist & doctor appointments in.

If you have kids, summer dentist and doctor appointments are a must to get ready for school (and essential if you need paperwork filled out for school).  If you don’t have kids, summer is the perfect time to schedule a good teeth cleaning that can clear off any plaque, undo any potential problems from your summer grill out sodas, and prevent an emergency trip to urgent care or the dentist during a vacation.

Enjoy summer treats.

This may seem counterintuitive after suggesting you schedule your dentist and doctor appointments, but summer is a ripe time for all of your favorite summer treats (within reason, of course): good grilled brats, ice cream, lemonade, kabobs, fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden…the list of summer delicious treats could go on and on.

Plan an end of summer vacation.

It’s vacation season in Wisconsin.  Time for a road trip.  Plan a long weekend on the lake, around the campfire, at the amusement park, shopping local stores around your cabin or hotel, or enjoying other summer fun vacation spots around the Midwest or country.  There is still time to have some summerCute  boy in blue water of the swimming pool, enjoying summer before the end of summer fun!