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6 Brushing Mistakes NOT to Teach Your Kids

Little girl in pink pajamas in bathroom brushing her teethJust as with many things in life, it’s really easy to pass on the bad with the good lessons—even when teaching them the basics of brushing teeth. Here are some common mistakes you should try NOT to pass on to your kids.

Brushing too hard

“You gotta brush really well!” is a well-meaning saying that can be easily misunderstood—and turn into a brushing mistake. While you want your kids to reach all those hard-to-reach places (what you mean), make sure your kids don’t interpret those words into brushing really hard. If kids brush too hard, it can lead to sore (or bleeding) gums—and kids who don’t want to brush the next day.

Not flossing

Parenting can seem like a game of Monkey See, Monkey Do. If you want your kids to floss, show them how to do it AND do it yourself. Be a good flossing role model whenever they’re around; floss before or after you brush (it doesn’t matter when as long as you do it). When your kids brush on their own, don’t just ask your kids if they brushed. Ask if they flossed their teeth, as well, to reinforce the importance of this healthy habit. If they are still afraid to floss, ask your dentist how to make flossing fun at home. Your dentist can also talk to them about the importance of regular flossing; flossing helps decrease cavities, tooth decay, and the chance of developing gum disease (all of which you don’t want your kids to deal with!).

Not brushing long enough

Have you ever seen a kid head into the bathroom to wash their hands, only to rinse their hands for a second and then head out yelling “I washed my hands”? Avoid the same kind of ineffective tooth brushing! Set a timer for two minutes or play a two-minute song to ensure that your kids are thoroughly brushing their teeth. Teaching your kids the right way to brush now (use these ideas for teaching kids to brush) can lead to less dental problems as they grow and keeps their baby teeth healthy (here’s why healthy baby teeth are important).

Not brushing enough

Kids (and adults) should brush twice a day. When life gets hectic and crazy, it can be hard to find the time to squeeze in a good tooth brush. Don’t let your kids skip even one time. Bring a tooth brush and tooth paste along if you think your kids are going to fall asleep on the way home. Make sure you remind your kids to brush even when they are on vacation (and out of routine). If your kids are still being stubborn about skipping brushing, ask your dentist to talk to them about the importance of teeth brushing at their next dentist appointment.

Letting them brush on their own

Brushing teeth is a great first step of independence. Your kids love showing you can do it—but that doesn’t mean they should be brushing entirely on their own. Because their motor control and dexterity is still developing, do a quick check of their brushing after their done—and don’t be afraid to do a quick touch-up with their toothbrush.

Not swapping out brushes

This is a mistake that you can directly control. While your family doesn’t need new tooth brushes every time you get sick, but your family should replace everyone’s tooth brushes every 3-4 months. Take your kids shopping with you to pick out new tooth brushes (and tooth pastes) that they can’t wait to brush with the next morning or night.