Month: September 2015

What are sealants? Are dental sealants right for me?

Your teeth have deep grooves, pits and indentations where bacteria, plaque and food particles can hide making them hard to reach with normal brushing and flossing. The result: no matter how faithfully you follow your regular oral care routine, your teeth are still prone to tooth decay and cavities. This can be especially true for […]

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Bracing for the worst: What are my options for braces?

Admit it. You had to take a deep breath when the orthodontist said, “you need braces” or “your child needs braces.” There’s so much to consider: the cost, length of orthodontic treatment, the looks—and the type of dental braces to use. That’s right, today’s diagnosis of an overbite, overcrowded teeth or teeth alignment issue does […]

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