10 Wisdom Teeth Removal Tips for the Smoothest Recovery

Are you nervous about having those pesky wisdom teeth removed? These tips can help calm those butterflies and ensure a smooth recovery after the wisdom teeth removal.

Ask your oral surgeon a few questions.

A few minutes of prep before the day of the procedure can go a long way toward a smooth recovery. Once you’ve selected an oral surgeon you are comfortable with, ask them questions about what foods you can eat, medications to have on hand, and any recommendations that help with comfort after the removal. Don’t forget to ask them about other practicalities like what time your ride should be there, whether you can take your regular medications on schedule, how long they expect the procedure to last, and these other key wisdom teeth extraction questions.

Stock up on the right foods for after the removal.

Your surgeon is likely going to recommend eating soft foods after removing your wisdom teeth. Those foods should also be lukewarm (not too hot and not too cold), so be sure to head to the store for these delicious wisdom teeth removal foods (plus a lot of ice, but not for eating). Coffee drinkers, don’t fret; coffee is on the list of drinks okay to enjoy, as long as it is lukewarm. Other common favorites that make the list include Jell-o, applesauce, smoothies, pudding, yogurt, and broth.

Rest, rest, rest.

If you’re an ambitious go-getter, this may be hard to hear. Rest is an important part of a smooth recovery after a wisdom teeth extraction. Plan on taking a few days completely off PLUS at least another week of light activity. Typically, it takes about two weeks to recover after getting your wisdom teeth out. All that time off helps the body heal and prevents future complications.

Be careful about dry sockets.

Along with the dos of a smooth wisdom tooth removal recovery, there are a few items to stay away from while you heal. Any item that causes suction (i.e. straws, cigarettes) or requires a vigorous swirling should be put aside during recovery. Any of these items can cause dry sockets, which can slow recovery time and be very uncomfortable.

Put the toothbrush away for a day.

Brushing and flossing are an important part of keeping your teeth healthy, but they are not a good idea immediately after a removal. Mark tooth brushing and flossing off your schedule for a full 24 hours after the procedure.

Take your post-wisdom teeth removal instructions to heart.

Follow all the instructions your oral surgeon gives you, especially when it comes to ice and gauze. Stock up on both before your wisdom teeth removal, and stick to a strict schedule of icing and replacing the gauze. When your oral surgeon recommends, add a mouth rinse and occasional jaw open to your recovery routine.

Be patient with your recovery.

Every patient’s recovery is different. Be patient with yourself and the healing process. Don’t hesitate to contact your oral surgery team if you have any questions.

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