Month: September 2019

root canal recovery

Root Canal Recovery: What To Expect, Healing Time, Pain Levels and More

If a root canal is recommended by your dentist, no need to fear. Each year, millions of teeth are treated or saved with this recommendation, as it is an opportunity to restore health to an infected tooth. The root canal procedure has come a long way over the past decade and, though it may have […]

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dentures vs implants pros & cons

How to Prep for Your Orthodontist Appointment

Regular orthodontist appointments are a part of the process of getting braces—but they don’t need to be scary! When preparing for braces appointments, remember that every visit gets you one step closer to straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. Besides keeping your eye on the goal, it can also be helpful to know what to […]

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benefits of dental implants

Say Cheese! 9 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

Your smile is one of your best features, and dental implants can help you preserve that smile for the rest of your life. Dental implants are also surprisingly common.  As many as 300,000 dental implants are placed per year.  Dental implants also do more than help keep your smile looking appealing. They also make it easier to take […]

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brushing teeth with braces

Quick Guide for Brushing Teeth with Braces

“I’m getting braces! How do I brush my teeth with braces?” Brushing teeth with braces isn’t that much different than brushing without, but there are a few notable “how to’s” that keep teeth healthy until those braces are removed. Flossing with Braces “Should I still floss with my braces on?” The answer is a resounding […]

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