All Your Questions About Invisible Braces Answered

After the news that a patient needs braces wears off, the barrage of questions usually starts coming.  “How long do I have to wear braces?” “What are my options for braces?” (That answer is here.) If the patient chooses invisible braces, another list of questions usually follows.  We’ve done our best to answer some of […]

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5 Resolutions for Healthier Teeth in 2016

Your pearly whites may not be at the top of your New Year’s resolution list for a healthier you in 2016, but maybe it should be; studies have repeatedly linked your overall health to the health of your mouth. Whether you’re the type of person that hasn’t gone to the dentist for a few years […]

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Bracing for the worst: What are my options for braces?

Admit it. You had to take a deep breath when the orthodontist said, “you need braces” or “your child needs braces.” There’s so much to consider: the cost, length of orthodontic treatment, the looks—and the type of dental braces to use. That’s right, today’s diagnosis of an overbite, overcrowded teeth or teeth alignment issue does […]

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